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Meet Francesca and EMILIO 

Our love for and journey with pizza began together when we were young kids. We both have deep seeded Italian roots, and are first generation Italian-Americans. Our fathers immigrated here as teens, and both got into their own pizza ventures. We started working together at Mamma Lucia's pizza shop in the Northway Mall during High School, and then at the Wexford location throughout College.


We’ve been together for 15 years, (married for 5) and have two beautiful sons of our own. With our shared love of food, Emilio's experience with wood-fired ovens and our shared passion for our Italian roots, it only made sense to turn this into a business to grow for our own family.


The name Vitalia stems from the V in our last name, and both of our families immigrating from Italia. We travel to Italy nearly every summer to visit family and friends, and also source the best Italian ingredients and inspiration.


We look forward to meeting many new faces, and hope you can taste the love that is in each pizza!

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